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Welcome to the Soupermail Home

Soupermail is a free, generic, highly configurable form to email CGI program. Its written in Perl and runs on UNIX and Windows NT based webservers.

The latest release is version 1.0.8 (8 February 2001). This release has added a whole range of new features, the biggest one of which is full database support. See the changelog for the full history.

This page contains Getting Soupermail, Getting Help, Learning Soupermail and Credits.

Getting Soupermail

You can get Soupermail from:

Stable Version Download Page
This page covers the relevant downloads for the Stable version



Remember, I write and support Soupermail in my spare time - I cannot say when I'll respond to questions by email. So, here are a number of resources for YOU to use BEFORE asking me for help:

The Manual
The comprehensive source of information for using Soupermail
The first place to look if you are having problems, or want to know more about Soupermail in general.
The Help Forum
A place to ask me, and other Soupermail users questions. Please use these posting guidelines before asking for help there. I monitor this forum, so there is no need to ask me the same question by email.


Contribute to the development of Soupermail by using these resources:

The Open Discussion
For talk about the future of Soupermail, development ideas and other related projects.
The Bug List
Look at the bug list and see if you can help provide more information.

Please contact me if you'd like to help develop Soupermail, write tutorials or translate any of the Soupermail documents. You should read the FAQ if you like or dislike Soupermail.

If you provide Soupermail consultancy services (eg. installation help, or template creation), please let me know. Also, if you are an ISP, and are using Soupermail as a standard service, I'd like your feedback.

Learning to use Soupermail

Soupermail is not the world's easiest form handler to use, so here are some resources to help you learn:

A zip archive of Soupermail examples, some of which are online.
Config Tutorial
Learn what a config file is, and how to write one.
Upload Tutorial
Learn how to make a file upload form.
Template Tutorial
Learn how to make your own templates.
Email Tutorial
Learn how to customise the emails Soupermail generates.


Many thanks to these bods.

Have fun

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