Soupermail Folders:  
To: everyone@everywhere
Date: $Date: 2002/12/02 21:31:19 $
Subject: Downloading Soupermail

Downloading Soupermail

If you're on a UNIX machine, here's a tar/gzipped file:

Download from souper108.tgz (107 k) and the PGP signature

If you're on an MS Windows machine, here's a zipped file:

Download from (110 k) and the PGP signature

Both sets of users should download the example files that go with Soupermail from here: (91 k)

To verify the archives, my PGP key is available from

For all you source junkies, here's the actual script and its PGP signature.

Once you've downloaded Soupermail, follow these installation instructions to get up and running.

Soupermail's free under the GNU General Public Licence, so use it (almost) wherever you want. I wouldn't mind if you tell me about where its being used so I can get a nice warm, fuzzy feeling, especially if you let me link to your site and if you provide some nice words of encouragement.